For winter fun

Heavy Winter Snow

Let it snow, let it snow.You should never have to worry about how much snow is falling when you have a pool enclosure.If it snows all day and all night you should be able to go for a swim or sit on the patio.  It should be a wonderful feeling to know that it is cold outside but it is nice and warm near the pool.No need to go down to Florida to enjoy the sun and a swim.

Heavy winter snow is the nemesis for most pool and patio enclosures. For most systems come with instructions snow must be removed.The amount of snow varies from company to company on how much snow is aloud.But how are you determine how much snow is on the roof in the middle of the night when the snow is blowing.You are sleeping in your warm bed not thinking of the amount of snow is on your pool enclosure roof.Who dreams about the amount of snow on

roofs.Only clever lawyers do.In fact that is why many pool enclosure warranties require snow to be removed since the design is not strong.But companies can make more profit by selling a weak building that will fail and cover themselves with nice wording in a warranty.

A warranty should give people a piece of mind not to worry about how much snow is falling, how winding it is. This is not a warranty.It is an escape document so the pool enclosure company can walk away with your money in their pocket and no worries.Some are broken into part 2 and part 3 to hid the facts.

Sit beside pool in Winter

Not so with Covers in Play. There retractable pool enclosures or fixed enclosures are made for winter. They have a patented framing system that is designed for snowloads and wind. It is the only enclosure system designed and manufactured in Canada (made in Canada) for a winter environment.In Canada with think of the weather, lots of snow, hot summers and raining days in between.So owning a pool is a nice luxury but not always practical for the weather. That is why swimming pool enclosures that retract automatically was invented.So you can enjoy your patio and swimming pool all year round and even the rainy weeks of summer.So now worries about the weather or your warranty.Just enjoy yourselves.

Each installation is first design to withstand the snow and wind for the area, no short cuts to be covered in a warranty document.But built for its locale and associated building code requirements and more.It is always wise to get a building permit to ensure the construction is up to snuff. Every season, they are called upon to replace failed and collapsed pool enclosures, manufactured for milder climes, most installed without concern for snowloads, wind, building codes or Building Permits.Most are covered by home insurance but some are not.It is hard to hear home owners story of failed dreams and money lost.When it could have been all avoided. No need for scribbles and rants.